Monday, May 20, 2013

Choui Fong Tea Farm by Anuchit นายบันทึก

Choui Fong Tea Farm

Late 1960, about 40 years back then Thailand was a sort of tea wasteland, but the very first oolong tea tree from Ari mountain, Taiwan was brought to Doi Phayapai mountain, Chiang Rai, about 1,200M above sea level where it has the perfect natural condition to grow teas. That is the first page of Choui Fong Tea history.

Over 10 years of efforts and cares, in 1979, about 200 acres(500 rai) of Doi Phayapai highland tea farm held its sign as Choui Fong Tea, had started tea plantation in full swing.

Tea cultivation and harvest are under management from Chinese teamen with local Thais and tea production with its quality control is under the supervision of Taiwanese tea expertise and specialists for highest quality first harvested tea.

Jinxuan Oolong tea and Ruanzhi Oolong tea are originally from Ari mountain, Taiwan, they are the leading products of Choui Fong Tea as 100% organic wild tea. We are proud of it.

All of tea products from Choui Fong Tea are handled by tea expertise and also well trained tea farm workers with tight quality control management. Naturally its cultivation, processing and tea leaves picking are done by hands with care. Therefore its taste and the scent of them are one of a kind fresh and new.

From over 30 years of experiences and knowhow, at Sannayao, Chiang Rai, about 20 acres(50 rai) of 2nd tea farm was built in 2004, and Masalong Nai is 3rd tea farm of 240 acres(600 rai) has already made from the new tea farm developing plan since started in 2005.

Currently total cultivation area of Choui Fong Tea is approximately 460 acres(1,150rai) and next year, once the 3rd tea farm starts its full production, our yearly tea production capacity would be about 1,000 tons. That means the biggest and the best tea plantation in Thailand, true to our reputation.

This growth of tea production shows increasing of tea consumption including a fact that Choui Fong Tea is widely demanded by many of tea lovers.
Definitely it is because of thorough quality management of tea trees and more than skillful process of tea manufacturing after tea leaves picking from Choui Fong Tea.

Now Choui Fong Tea is highly thought of by Taiwan, European countries, America, Korea, as well as Thailand and gets great favors from abroad who tasted the tea for the first time.

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